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Our smokehouse

Our traditional wooden smokehouse brings to London the time honoured traditions of curing and smoking.

In the shadow of The o2 arena, the smokehouse is situated on

East Parkside, SE10

Turn right Just before the Emirates Cable Car on Edmund Halley Way, and 100m past Car park 4.



Our slow


Each fresh salmon is filleted, cured, dried and strung before it's left to hang in the smokehouse. Here it'll sit over smouldering British wood for up to 24 hours.

We believe in patience. Patience and years of experience lets the master smoker know when the salmon is perfectly smoked. This may take eighteen hours, it may take twenty four hours or longer in deepest winter. Simply put, it's ready when it's ready.

Only then will we let the smoked salmon rest to develop its complex and subtle flavours, before finally trimming and hand slicing the side.

It will take approximately 2.1kg of fresh salmon and three days to make each 1kg side of smoked salmon. Time well spent we hope you agree.

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